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My ID is Expired or Lost and I Need Something Notarized!

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

There are 4 items a California Notary must do in order to notarize your document...

  1. They must meet you in person, face to face; no exceptions

  2. They must confirm that the document you are presenting is complete with no blanks

  3. They need to be able to communicate with the signer and ensure they are okay with signing the document.

  4. They must confirm your identity using a State Driver's License, US or Foreign Passport, State ID or other government issued identification.

If your ID is expired but you are able to meet 1,2 and 3 above, there is still a way to get your document notarized. Albeit, it is a little annoying but it can be done...

  1. Date of Issue - if the date your ID was issued is within 5 years of the signing date, the notary will be able to accept this ID as satisfactory evidence.

  2. One Credible Witness - you can provide 1 witness that both you and the notary know personally. Please note that the notary must know this person as well. They will appear with you in person, provide a valid ID, take an oath and sign/thumbprint the Notary's Journal of Notarial Acts.

  3. Two Credible Witnesses - you will provide 2 people that know you personally, but are not named in the document(s) or benefiting from the documents needing notarization. They must appear in person with you, present their valid ID's to the notary, take an oath from the notary and sign and thumbprint the Notary's Journal of Notarial Acts.

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1 Comment

Jean Augster
Jean Augster
Sep 08, 2023

Hi. I live out of the country and I have a passport that has been water damaged. I have a photo.I need to get a document signed to recover some money from a house that was sold in foreclosure. Can you help with the notary?

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