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Notarizing a Document (Step 4) | Complete the Journal Entry

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Complete the journal entry

California requires a Notary to maintain a record of all notarizations and has specific requirements for what an entry should contain:

1. The date and time of the notarization

2. The type of notarization

3. The type of document being notarized

4. The signature of each signer

5. What type of satisfactory evidence was used to identify the signer

6. The fee charged for the notarial act

7. The signer’s thumbprint if the document is a power of attorney, deed, quitclaim deed, deed of trust or other document affecting real property

These details are helpful in case a document or notarization is called into question. Notary should complete the journal entry before the notarization to ensure they get all the required elements and information, including the signer’s signature and thumbprint.

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